Why Magnum Metals?

The manufacturing industry generates a lot of waste metal scraps, powders, thermal oversprays, shot peening, baghouse, sludges, swarfs, and more. Something needs to be done with all of those scraps.

Cradle-to-Grave Metal Scrap Recycling Service

With a combined experience of over 70 years in handling non-ferrous powders, the team at Magnum Metals has specialized in the environmentally safe acquisition and processing of non-ferrous metal powders for recycling. We specialize in environmental cleanup and are a hazmat registered material shipper.

Material Scrap We Buy and Sell

Turning Landfillable Metal Scrap into a Useable Product

"We are literally the definition of a "green" company.  We are part of the next generation by pioneering processes for recycling waste items and creating markets where there were none before. When we can take a waste product that companies are sending to landfill, and match that byproduct up with a company that can actually use it, we are providing an economic benefit for all who are involved."

- William Reineke, Co-Founder  Magnum Metals

Magnum Metals Recycling Services

Magnum Metals 
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