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We supply advanced and highly specialized aluminum, aluminum alloy, bronze, tin, copper, and copper alloy powders for precision components with applications throughout the powder metallurgy industry. For automotive, friction, carbon brush, filter, and various other industries, there are no larger and more respected names in metal powders than Makin Metals and IMR Metal Powder Technologies.

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As the North American representative for IMR Metal Powder Technologies, and Makin Metals, you can access the highest quality new zinc, aluminum, copper, tin, bronze, premix, and specialty powders through Magnum Metals. Powders are available in a range of particle sizes and shapes to meet your specific technical requirements and are highly reproducible batch after batch.

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IMR is firmly established as a supplier to the automotive, electronics, and chemical industries.  By using various technologies for powder production, a wide range of particle size distributions and particle shapes can be produced to customer requirements.

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Makin Metals is one of the largest producers of copper and copper alloy powders in Europe.

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IMR Metal Powders

Zinc, lead, tin, and aluminum powders tailored to your requirements.



We occasionally have certain grades of new powders available at a reduced price due to overstock. We may be able to make these powders available to you based on the specs of your project. Contact us today to find out what's available.


MAKIN Metal Powders


Characterized by high purity and low lead content; air atomized, water atomized, electrolytic copper powder


Characterized by tight chemical control, low lead content and good sinterability


Characterized by high purity, tight control of particle size, and low lead content


Bronze premixes include low and high growth, low and high shrinkage, and “nominally no dimensional change” over a range of sintering temperatures and atmospheres guaranteed very low lead levels


The range of specialty powders is wide and varied, manufactured by a number of different methods and techniques. Our specialty powder range includes lead-free powders, blended and pre-alloyed bronze powders, infiltrants, brazing alloys, dairy metal, and ultra-fine powders

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Request a quote today to find out if Magnum Metals has the new or specialized metal powders you need. Just provide your specs and one of our technicians will be in touch to confirm your request and provide a quote. 

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